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The features of a Palm   (By Jonathon H)   08/07/2005

To most people, Palm devices are the fastest in the business. Unlike Windows, Palm doesn't use a bulky operating system that utilizes EXE and DLL files. Instead it uses a cleaner, more streamlined operating system which utilizes PDB and PQA files. This means that music and video would run at a higher quality without other background applications interfering. The operating system is created by the company PalmSource.Palm handhelds don't tend to use CompactFlash, instead they rely on SD/MMC slots to transfer data. It is only recently that PalmOne (the company that creates the Palm hardware) have created devices which have both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth installed. One downside of Palm handhelds is that Wi-Fi isn't normally included, however a Wi-Fi SD Cardis available for an extra price. The new LifeDrive is a multimedia handheld designed for watching videos and listening to music on the go, and comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Its 3.85Gb of free space allows for full movies and albums to be saved.